About Us

Transplant Sport Northern Ireland aims to provide relief and preserve and protect the health of individuals in Northern Ireland who have had a transplant. It aims to provide transplant recipients sporting and recreational activities, rehabilitate individuals and improve their condition of life. It also aims to advance the education of the public about transplants and to promote human organ and tissue donation for the relief of persons in need of transplants. It hopes to recruit and train volunteers to enable it to meet these objectives.

Organ Donation

Transplant Sport Northern Ireland actively promotes organ donation. Our events aim to raise awareness of organ donation and increase the numbers of registered donors.

Everyday 3 people in the UK die waiting for a life saving transplant. 98% would take an organ if they needed one but only 31% of us are registered as donors. If you are registered on the organ donation it is very important to make sure your loved ones know you wish to be a donor as they will be asked for consent to donate. Right now, more than 7,500 people in the UK need an organ transplant. More donors means more lives saved.

Find out more about organ donation and register as a donor on Organ Donation NI.

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